8 top job search apps

The Good&Co app acts as a sort of corporate matchmaker. It uses fun, engaging quizzes to help you discover companies that have a culture that fits your personality.

The quizzes present a scenario (for example, “For you, stress is:”) and two options (“Character destroying” or “Character building.”) To respond, move the app’s slider tool left or right to indicate how strongly you agree with either choice. If you don’t understand the question—or it doesn’t seem to apply—you can have the app rephrase until you find a scenario that stirs you.

As you take the quizzes, your answers let the app gauge your flexibility, sense of purpose, drive, level of risk taking, and preferences for working with others, among other criteria. My results included recommendations from Apple and Amazon, but also, ahem, Walmart. Good to have options, I suppose.

Apple, the app told me, encourages “change, freedom, variability and blue-sky thinking.” If you tap “Click Fit” the app will offer a numerical score (“shared similarity”) that rates how well you would fit there in terms of preferences like inventiveness, organization, supervision, and competitiveness.

Find a job you want? Tap to apply and it opens your default browser, with the job listing open on the screen.

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