40 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts for Job Search 2015

40 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts for Job Search 2015

40 must-follow twitter accounts for job search 2015 @careersherpa

Welcome to my list of 40 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts for Job Search 2015! This is my third annual list of Twitter accounts for job seekers to follow! And these aren’t bots, these are real, responsive people!

Here is the list of 80 from 2014 and here is the list of 99 from 2013.

My subjective criteria for selecting these peeps:

I’ve scaled the list down to just 40 because I wanted to highlight the accounts that provided a blend of information. You will see these Twitter users sharing their own content (promotional) and you will see them sharing tips/content from others. Also, take notice that these people are using the tool! They interact with others, they even share some personal stuff.

Most, if not all, of these Twitter accounts belong to people whom I’ve interacted with. If you like what they are tweeting about, you should see if they have a website or blog because you will find more of their work there.

I’ve included resume writers, career and job search coaches, personal branding aficionados, social media pros and recruiters to help you get a full picture of the topics you should be familiar with, because as you know, job search is so much more than posting your resume.

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Click here to follow the whole list from your own Twitter account!

Don’t Leave Yet

So you may not “get” Twitter. Don’t dismiss it or say you don’t care what people are eating for breakfast. Here is what Twitter is all about:

  • It’s a real-time news feed.
  • It’s a marketing platform.
  • It is also an open network, meaning you don’t need to know someone in order to communicate with them.

If you organize the accounts you are following into lists, it makes it easier for you to sift through the noise and find the gems you are looking for.

Twitter is a great job search tool! If you aren’t using it yet, I hope you’ll consider trying it.

40 must-follow twitter accounts for job search 2015 @careersherpa

Twitter Account for Job Seekers

This gives you an idea of what these Twitter accounts share: Like?

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