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Back to School Spotlight: Where Does a Teacher’s Salary Stretch the Furthest?

Where teaching pays the most

Teachers have the power to positively influence their students and encourage them to pursue their interests and dreams. In fact, according to Malcolm Gladwell, teaching is in many ways the “model profession of the 21st century”. After all, teachers need to blend leadership, social and cognitive skills, while being adaptable and opening themselves up to new bodies of knowledge. …

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Video: How to Tackle Unconscious Bias in Hiring and Open the Door to Great Talent

In part one of this video series, Indeed SVP Paul D’Arcy explored the research behind unconscious bias and how it can affect hiring decisions. Unconscious bias can have the unfortunate effect of screening out exactly the kinds of candidates companies need: people with fresh perspectives who can add value to their companies.

So what can employers do about it?

Screening…Read the full article »

Video: How Unconscious Bias Can Impact the Hiring Process

When a resume for an open position lands on an employer’s desk, do the cultural, ethnic or socioeconomic implications of a candidate’s name or neighborhood factor into the decision to call them in for an interview? Maybe not consciously, but below the surface, something different might be going on.

Prominent studies have shown that the resumes of candidates with foreign …

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